Quantum healing

1hr – 140CHF (In person & via Zoom)

I am an instrument to intuitively guide you through the inner paths of your soul that will allow you to receive the information you need from within you for your healing.

This work is a technique channeled individually to each person. No session is like another. Together we will discuss and find out what is the best objective & intention for you and from there we will go on a journey to what I call the quantum field, where everything that is connected to the purpose of our session will appear.

It can be moments from your childhood, records from other lifetimes, limiting beliefs, energy blocks, whatever is important for your current moment will be revealed.

The session works as a journey through your soul, where I will see and feel all about your current energetic state, healing, harmonizing and releasing every blockage individually and from there, achieving transformation and healing while bringing into account everything that needs your attention so that you can live an abundant life now, today!

You can trust that this is a powerful energy work!

To whom this technique recomended?

To everyone that would like to go deeper into the energetic and emotional blockages that stops you from getting everything that you want. If you feel triggered easily, if your relationships have been challenging in different aspects, if you find difficult to connect with others or even to yourself, this work can help you release all the emotions and energetic blockages that is currently stopping you from being the real you.

With this work we will remove all the masks that your subconscious have created to survive since your childhood. We will release old patterns to open the space for you to truly activate within yourself all that you need to let go of all that does not serve you any longer.

what to expect during a session?

This session is a journey through your soul, which means we will navigate through your emotions uncovering all that is needed. We will travel through your old beliefs, through your history and your different life times to access all that is needed to release and let go.

I will channel continuously throughout the whole session accessing your emotions as you, I will feel them and release them. I will also bring your inner child forward to heal them before integrating back into your energy field to help you to transmute all the charge of past experiences allowing you to be free to create a new reality.

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