Emotional Release

1hr – 160CHF (In person & via Zoom)

Merging psychosomatics, bodywork & integral trauma facilitation. As an Emotional release practitioner, I use precise pressure points on the body to create shifts in consciousness that can fundamentally change your physiology and awaken your true self.

As a practioner I am trained to use psychosomatic sensing skills to identify the held back somato-emotional tension in your body whilst using a blend of precise pressure, vocal guidance and breathwork to release difficult blockages and reach the precise root cause of symptoms in the body.

By addressing the emotions directly and creating a safe space where you can fully express yourself, I will enable you to tap into your own inner healing intelligence. This opens a sacred space to release old emotional wounds, igniting the realization of your own wholeness that has been there all along.

To whom this technique recomended?

For everyone who wants to get rid of self-destructive behavior patterns. Also for you that keeps repeating situations that are no longer in alignment with what you want for yourself.

These technique will support you in releasing stressful emotional issues allowing you to heal illnesses and chronic diseases.

It will also support you in discharging physical and emotional blockages that have accumulated over the years.

If you desire to achieve a new sense of body and mind by recognizing your authentic self, Emotional Release is recommended.

what to expect during a session?

Your body and mind are placed in a deep state of relaxation with meditative techniques and breathwork guidance.

The release phase is often accompanied by physical sensations like warmth, cold, shivering, or more intensive expressions such as crying, laughing or screaming.

After the emotional release, you’re guided through sensory impressions back to your body to fully ground into a new state of consciousness.

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