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Cacao Healing ceremony in private or in group

Cacao is known as the food of the Gods. There is an ancient Mayan legend that says that when the human being distances himself from nature, then the cacao fruit will spread into the world to restore all beings.

The Mayans, who perfected the drink with other spices, such as peppers believed that food was a true gift from the Gods.

The exact origin of the use of cocoa in rituals is mysterious, we have no way of tracing it because it is really very old. What we do know is that civilizations originating in the Americas carried out celebrations and spiritual rites with the use of cacao.

The cacao brings countless benefits to your health due to being one of the richest foods in the world in magnesium and antioxidants, in addition to having hormonal precursors that work as raw material for the hormones of happiness and pleasure. There are also some antioxidant flavonoids that have the function of dilating blood vessels that promotes a better blood supply to your body, including the brain.

As a spiritual ceremony the cacao is the medicine of the heart

When you ingest cacao, your circulatory system intensifies and your heart, as well as all the other muscles in your body, relax. And this also reverberates in your energetic system, which causes your heart chakra to open connecting you with the deepest loving truth of your being.

It gives you the opportunity to connect with your original essence with loving authenticity, allowing you to dive into an intimate connection with your emotional consciousness and clearly decide what it’s there to tap into growth to evolve and transform, and what it’s there to shed, letting go of your outdated patterns.

Like all plants, cocoa has its own consciousness, which works compassionately in synergy with those who consecrate it from a pure heart and intention.

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