What Are The Benefits Of Somatic Therapy In Healing Emotional And Physical Trauma ?

Healing from physical and emotional traumas can be aided by somatic therapy’s focus on helping patients learn to better regulate their physiological systems, become more attuned to their bodies’ feelings, and develop greater self-compassion. Attention to physical and emotional sensations is nurtured in somatic therapy, which can help individuals gain insight into their bodies and feelings, learn to better control their emotions, and develop more compassion for themselves. Individuals can facilitate greater feelings of self-confidence, safety, and healing by engaging in somatic therapy.

Somatic therapy can help people regulate and become more aware of their physiological systems, which can aid in the healing process after experiencing traumatic events (both physical and mental). People can begin to heal and gain insight into their experiences by paying attention to body sensations and acquiring a deeper grasp of the emotions associated to trauma. Further, somatic therapy can help patients build their relationship with themselves, improving feelings of trust and safety, and decrease emotions of guilt and shame related to trauma.

In sum, somatic therapy is a potent method for overcoming mental and physical wounds. Individuals can reap the therapeutic benefits of somatic therapy by increasing their awareness of their physiological systems and bodily sensations, learning to control their emotions, and developing more self-compassion.

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