Do you know when your energy field is in need of extra strength, care and protection?

Just like the physical body, the energy body also sends signals for you to have more love and attention with your energy.

Check out 5 important signs and change your vibe!

1) You find yourself very tired for no reason, irritable, impatient and with frequent immune problems. Insomnia, waking up tired, hair loss and repetitive thoughts can also be a warning sign. The body speaks!

2) Feel disconnected, lack of inspiration and an inner emptiness that is difficult to explain.

3) It seems that in your life everything is at a standstill. Nothing flows or happens. You can’t do anything easily.

4) Frequent and continuous muscle pain, and even if you stretch or rest, they don’t go away.

5) Mood swings, stalking mania – you see everything as a threat and have no perspective on life or the future.

If you’ve noticed at least 3 symptoms, it’s time to get help. Your energy field may be weakened, leaving you unprotected.

The tip is to seek a therapy of your choice to align your energies. It can be Quantum Healing, Reiki, Access Bars, Thetahealing and others, which can identify the causes and bring solutions. Improve your routine with good nutrition, exercise, prayers and meditations.

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