What is the name of your virus?

Happy Earth Day Lettering.

The human race is now facing a pandemic caused by a virus called Corona – COVID19 named by the scientists. Planet Earth has never been happier since this virus started and if you quiet yourself to hear close enough you can actually hear the long and deep breaths mother Gaia is inhaling and exhaling in relief.

While for the planet, the virus has made nature and animals thrive and prosper. For us humans this virus has made us stop, has given us fear and a lot of worry about our future as individuals and as society. The anxiety we are all feeling regarding the future is as much of a symptom of the virus as it is the dry cough and fever.

But please remember that for Mother Earth we are the virus making her sick. We are all part of the same disease that made the planet cry tears of despair in a tentative to ask us to stop and pay attention. To be more mindful and to take care of our home gifted to us in such loving and prosper way.

We are all now sitting in our homes waiting for the day we can all go back to our lives to finally start living again. But have you thought about the reasons why we are stuck in the first place? Have you understood that this is happening FOR us. To save us, to help us understand what it is really important? What we need to change in our lives individually and collectively to be able to continuously live harmoniously in our home call Planet Earth? We have now been placed in our naughty corner for bad behaviour by our great mother and all it is asked for us is to stop, rethink, learn our lessons, to make us better people in the future, to do it good once we are allowed to leave and play again, but this time different and effectively better.

Please beautiful humans, use this time to find in your heart all the reasons you can to make changes in your life to help each other and save our only home. The changes necessary should start in your daily life, with simple acts, by being kind to one another for a start. To be mindful of your consumption of things, animals, natural resources, plastic, metal, paper… Understand that if we continue to treat animals and nature so careless this is will continuously happen to us over and over until there is no way back, no life to return to.

Let’s respect every being on this planet, understand that every single animal and natural thing was here before us and they are still here FOR us, to help us live and evolve. Let’s respect them and understand that their beings are as important and sacred as we are and just like us they are also on their path of existence serving their mission.

So please tell me dear one, what is the name of the virus in your life? What are the things in need of eradication and healing? What it is that your body, mind and soul crave and scream in the form of chronic pain, depression, negative thoughts, extreme anxiety…? What is the reason of your sadness, desperation, unhappiness, fear? What is the name of your virus?

Let’s take this opportunity to heal our inner-selves, because it is when we become better people, happier people, that we can start helping everyone around us. There is a saying, that happy people don’t hurt other people, so if we are all really happy, really healed we can only do good to ourselves, to others and to the planet. The greatest revolution starts inside you. It is as simple as that. You, who are the universe itself. You, who are made of the divine light and carry already all that is needed to heal and be healed.

And just like that may the love and light come into the centre of our hearts  and our human race again. Let the plan for us unfold in the love and light path without resistance and pain ending the chain of despair.

May the light, love and divine power heal, harmonise and transform all of our lives and and the planet earth to the best we can all be.

And so it is!

Marcia Jones