Archangel Raphael Healing Appeal

Archangel RAFAEL (His Divine Complement: MOTHER MARY) of the Fifth Ray of Healing and Consecration says:

“Consecrate yourselves and at the same instant, when your eyes see imperfections – you know where you can find your I AM!

Beloved Father, forgive my transgression of the Law of Love. Beloved Archangel Raphael, sanctify my eyes again, so that they only see Perfection!”

If you have heard negative talk, if your hands have gestured impatiently, if you have let feelings out on a bad mood, if your lips have spoken harsh words, say in your words.

“Beloved Father, forgive me for the misuse I have made of Your Energy!”


Beloved Archangel Raphael, I love you and bless you.

I thank you for your great help to me and to humankind. Seal myself and all the people in Your Flame of Consecration and Perfection! Help me to foresee only Perfection, I think Perfection, I feel Perfection I see Perfection, I hear Perfection I speak Perfection – I AM and only manifest PERFECTION, now and forever.

And so be it!