A prayer for forgiveness

I break free from hatred through forgiveness and love. I understand that I can not avoid suffering, as it is here to move me towards the place I need to be.

All the tears that I shed, I forgive you.
All the pain and disappointments, I now forgive you.
The betrayals and lies, I forgive you.
Slander and intrigue, I forgive you.
For all the hate and persecution, I forgive you.
For the blows that hurt me, I forgive you.
To the broken dreams, I forgive you.
To all the hopes dead, I forgive you.
For the lack of love and for the jealousy, I forgive you.
For all the indifference and illness, I forgive you.
For the Injustice done, even if sometimes in the name of justice, I forgive you.
Cholera and mistreatment, I forgive you.
Neglect and forgetfulness, I forgive you.
To the world, with all its evil, I forgive you.

I now forgive myself too.
May the misfortunes of the past no longer be a burden on my heart.
Instead of hurt and resentment, I choose understanding and understanding.
Instead of the revolt, I choose love and compassion.
Where there is pain, I replace with forgetfulness.
Where I planed for revenge, I focus now only on my victory.
I will naturally be able to love, all the unloving,
I will also donate even if dispossessed of everything,
I shall work happily even in the midst of all impediments,
I will reach out even in complete solitude and abandonment,
I will wipe away all the tears and will always believe, even if discredited.

And so be it!