Creating a shield of protection around you

Making an energy shield is important this will protect you from any negativity around you.

1. Start by practicing some deep breaths.

2. Relax and release any tensions on your body.

3. Focus your mind on creating an energy shield using light from source. Make this shield cobalt blue as it is the color for protection.

4. Set the intention first. Intention matters. An example goes like this:

I set the intention for an energy shield of Divine Love, Light and Wisdom to protect me from all interfering dissonant energies to Pure Source.

5. For this shield, visualize and tangibly feel yourself surrounded by a wall of mirrors – around, over and under. The mirrors face out. Hence, if there is negative energy that is directed towards you, it is reflected back outwards. Your personal energy shield for protection is completely sealed so that no external negative energy can enter.

6. At the same time, make the intention to allow only love to pass through both ways.

7. With you inside this shield, you may want to visualize yourself surrounded and embraced by the energy of pink rose quartz.

8. See, sense and feel the completeness of the energy shield for a few moments. Hold that in place with your intention.

For a future reference, make a mental note of how the shield feels like. This will make it easy for you to bring it back into existence whenever you need it. You will need to repeat as the shield dissipates over time.