Prayer for the Universe

In the name of the creator source of all beings, in the name of God, my Father and Mother, in the name of my own higher self and by the power granted in me directly from the divine source.

At this moment, with the help of all cosmic entities that are always around us, helping us, directing us, directing the light into all of us. In the name of my dear brother Christ, in the name of my dear mother Maria and in the name of my beloved brother Archangel Michael. I now ask the presence of my higher self to activate the sacred flame of my heart.

Right now, I activate my 72 thousand nodes in the name of the divine source. While activating them I also make a direct connection between my cosmic lineage and myself. I also evoke all the light entities, in the name of the divine source, so they are now present in my life.

My dear light entities, I now ask you that in this moment, in your name and in the name of the divine creator, you direct your light with all your blessings together with your power, force and faith into all creatures of the Universe. In this moment, I evoke that all light and powerful entities, not only shine their light into Mother Gaya but also at Agartha and all its living beings.

I am the source, I am the Light and I am the divine presence on my own higher self acting not only on my thoughts but also on my actions.

In the name of the divine source I now command that my cosmic lineage makes itself present. I (say your full name), evoke now the presence of my cosmic lineage, in the name of the divine source and in the presence of my own higher self. And so it is.