Quote_blogTime is moving fast. From insecure about my visions and healing powers, I moved to scheduling appointments to anyone that approach me. I finally feel like I fit into my shoes. I feel ready. I feel like, even though I still have so much to learn, I can dedicate myself to give the best that I can, to everyone that needs.

It is quite funny as the more I accept this path, the more I have been experiencing the grandiosity of the Universe and how perfect, how synchronized, how timely precise it is.

I sometimes still catch myself calling things “crazy” or “magic”. After an appointment I go back to my life and act like a little kid asking myself “Wow, did I just do that? Yeah, I guess I did!” However, more and more often now I feel like this is actually the amazing reality we all live in, the reality that sadly we consciously decide not to pay attention in order to survive.

I hope I keep growing and gaining more and more experience to be able to help you as I continuously learn about this amazing Universe and about myself.

It is funny to think back 1 year when I could not even drink a little alcohol and my channel would go crazy sending messages to people I know, people I did not know or people just sitting next to me on a restaurant. Although this might sound fun, it brought me a lot of feelings that did not belonged to me, most of times, not great feelings. I started suffering other people’s pain, anxieties, fears and so on. Trust me, this is not fun at all.

But above all I am just so grateful for the fact that this last year also brought me so many great people, amazing experiences and most of all the people that I could help and make a difference, even if just with a little nod of the head or a hour long conversation.

Thank you Universe for trusting me with such delicate and incredible mission. My heart, mind and soul are open for whatever it takes. I get it now. I am ready!