The tale of the three sisters

Many centuries & lives ago there were these three sisters with an incredible bond and special connection between them. Also known to be holders of incredible power that forced them to live a life in which none of them would choose for themselves.

At that time sex was a powerful event and used as a ritual where these selected and special woman would be available for man before going to war to give them strength and protection by the power of the goddess.

There three sisters were given to the goddess, at a very young age to be under her care and be available to warriors to have sex with them before they departed for war.

The sisters held no choice over their future and could not escape such destiny. Over the years, each sister in their own personality dealt with such reality in different ways.

June was the older and held the power of clairvoyance as also healing powers. Jade was the middle sister, she was strong and independent and held powers of strength and empowerment. Jane was the little sister, she was the most romantic and sweet of them, she was a dreamer and held powers of brightness and strategy.

Throughout the years, Jane grew in her heart a forbidden love for one of the warriors therefore that life of obedience and service transform her into a slave of misery. She was unhappy and her soul started to ache with the idea of not living with the one she chosen to love.

Jane then used her powers in her advance and planned to escape with her warrior as far away as possible to live the life she always wanted. To be loved by the man she loved, to be happy and fulfilled even though this meant she might never see her sisters again.

Her plan was as bright as her and strategically perfect which meant that when the moon was about to leave so the sun could rise, she would already be a free woman. That night she had supper with her sisters and made a inner promise to never come back or try to contact them for their own safety. By the rules of the goddess, woman like her would be sent to death, and also her sisters, in case the goddess could see any trace of lie in their eyes. So she made a promise to not let them know about anything, nor now or ever as they couldn’t tell what they didn’t know.

Jane left that dawn and never looked back, although her heart always carried sadness for abandoning her sisters, she was the happiest woman she knew, living a simple life but with her man by her side.

Not long after, Jane’s partner got sick and from there her life spiralled down into desperation when suddenly her man died of an unknown disease. Jane walked this earth as a living dead. She could not feel anything or realise what was going on around her any longer. She gave up on herself, her life and everything else. She lived on the streets eating only when people offered her food.

Until one day, from nowhere, light shined upon her after years of barely existing. She saw herself filled with hope again when suddenly she was awaken by gentle hands and hugged extremely tight by her two sisters June and Jade.

After Jane got her life back together with her sisters, they made a pact that no matter how or when they would always, and I mean always, take care of each other. However, Jane also made a promise only to herself; never allow anyone open her heart ever again forever and after.

Jane lived many lives and in each life, her decision was as strong as that first day back in the ancient world. Her soul fought for keeping herself away from love for many incarnations until now. However after so many lives unfulfilled by love, her soul became tired of fighting something she did not even remember the reason why she had to. Which meant that she was finally ready to break the pact with herself and move on from such painful past lives.

At this current life here in 2018, June, Jade and Jane are back together, this time as best friends. They continuously help and support each other; they hold each other’s heart with care and lots of love for one another. They live in separate countries, separate lives, but somehow they are always together. Living parallel and interconnected stories.

I cannot tell you yet the end of this story, as this story is currently being written as you read this. What I can tell you is that, they are strong woman that navigate this world carrying light and making their best to succeed in whatever they want to achieve. They strive to make a difference not just at their surroundings, but also within with a promise that never, never ever give up!