The Confirmation


I created this space to able to connect with you. I want to reach you whenever you are, I want to give you Love, but you already know that.

I am a graphic designer by day and a Lightworker by… well, every time. I have always been a medium at some level, but after I really accepted who I am, the universe has been gifting me with a lot of confirmation and Love.

When I decided to create this space, and by that moment I did not even know what this space would be, it took me literally half a day to have the URL, the logo and this space ready and live. The ideas were just pouring out of me, the decisions were being made faster then I could realise and moving straight into my hands to move along and create this that you see now. To give you a better understanding of how amazing this is, it literally has been 10 years since I bought my other domain to create my online portfolio, and that is all I have done so far towards that goal.

I know in my heart that this space will grow and become far more than what I’ve could possibly dream of, I just know.

Yesterday the universe decided to gift me and to shower me with its own ray of Love and I am so grateful.

If you know me, you know I am a girly girl, so a colleague at work gave me a gift card from an accessories and bijouterie store, for coming to work while on holidays to deal with an emergency project she had.

The store is quite close to the office so I decided to go there at lunchtime and have a look. I love these things. Strangely, I did not know the shop, so I decided to check online what was it all about, as my sweet colleague said that it was “very me.”

I look online and for some reason I navigate to the necklace section. I say “for some reason” because I would for sure always choose an earring, a ring or even a bracelet instead of a necklace. However, something just made me curious about the necklaces. And it is at this point in this true tale that I will tell you that I was suddenly showered with Love, emotion and the certainty that I am on the right path, doing the right thing, at the exactly right time. I cried and probably said a million “thank you”s to the universe.

I am now, more then ever, certain that I will find the way and direct this space to where it needs to go. I will reach you and everyone else that needs reaching. I also know, you will soon feel comfortable in sharing your Love with all of us here too and with so much Love, you and I will grow and there will be nothing we could not do!

So my dear friend, help me Share the Word and Spread the Love! Find within yourself what would you like to share with me and share. I will be here waiting with all my open heart!

Now… without any further, this is what I found, see it for yourself.

WhatsApp Image 2018-07-16 at 14.24.10