Do anything, just not everything


Hello, I am Miss imperfection, nice to meet you! I am the “not perfect woman that does everything that needs to be done as a good professional, daughter, wife and even mother-to-be (one day)”. I work everyday, I go to the supermarket and I decide what will be the menu for the week meals. I take care of my partner, I always call my mother, I call my friends, I have meetings, I travel, I go to the movies, I pay my bills, I reply to a thousand emails, I go to the dentist, doctor, I want to start exercising everyday, I buy flowers, I take care of my home, managing everything, dealing with all the problems and I also do my nails, take care of my skin, hair and wax! Oh, and I never leave my home without make-up, I know, silly me!

Between one thing and another I also read books. Therefore I am a busy woman! Not a workaholic. But as much as I can be organized and responsible there are two lessons which I learned that helps me when I feel overwhelmed:

First: Learn how to say NO!

Second: Guilt Free! Don’t feel any guilt for saying NO.

When you were born, God didn’t show up at your mother’s hospital room and said that from that moment on, you would be the perfect example for all the others around you.

Your care takers only wanted you to drink your milk and hope you didn’t cry too much over night.

You are no Marvel’s Wonder Woman!

You are a Woman, only one more between all the others.

And if you don’t learn how to delegate and prioritize, at least understand that no one expects that everything you do must be perfect. Also, I do hope you have learned already how to have joy in life. Because if not, you can start saying bye-bye to an interesting life. And not living life while being your true self, is a waste of time and life. Because interesting life is not about having a full agenda, is not about being politically correct all the time, is not about collecting amounts of money or fulfil everyone’s expectations of you, all the time.

All you do need, is to have enough time. Enough time for doing absolutely nothing or anything. Time for doing something you want. Time for dancing alone in the living room. Time to go to your favorite store. Time to disappear a few days with your love. Time for a massage. Time to watch a movie. Time to talk with all the other friends that can’t not be always in your daily life. Time to play with your children or time not to, too. Time to decorate your room as you wish. Time to meet new people. Time to travel, time to go back to school and time to get pregnant, if you wish so. Time to write a book even knowing it will never be edited. Time to order take out, or to cook a splendid meal.

Time mainly for discover that you can be perfectly organized and professional without forgetting about you and how to have fun with your life. Time to say yes to yourself. Time to be yourself, your true self!

Because our existence is not being counted by a clock or by the quantities of messages you’ve got or how many people you pleased.

Life is all about having time at your favour, never against you!

The modern woman is great at everything, but also very tired. Some of us live on the verge of a breakdown, lacking energy for the 18 hours we must be up. Sometimes just a little thing will trigger a chain of emotions that could break us into a thousand pieces.

We believe that if we are not a super hero wonder woman at home and a power business woman at work, we are not good enough. We seem to be always trying to prove something we have no idea what, to people we don’t even know.

Please, do start respecting every little bit of yourself and always give yourself, and yourself only , privilege in your choices.

And just like that, by allowing yourself to live your truth, you will live a happy and authentic life, vibrating positively, being grateful for everything and everyone. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, don’t be afraid to live your life. So let yourself be…