I accept and Love you


There was this silent disturbance in my soul. An uneasiness that required me a lot of meditation this morning.

When a person you trust and love shows you the deepest and darkest part of their personality, makes you question the-love-out of that relationship.

When I saw that there are undiscovered dark corners on the people I love, I dueled within myself to try and understand that I already love that person with all the known and unknown corners that always existed.

I was sorry and asked for forgiveness for thinking that I did not needed them in my life. I told them I loved them. I became grateful for a better understanding of my loved one and finally, I thank them for allowing themselves being their true selves around me. With their good and bad uncovered and unafraid.

Life itself, the universe, will always do what is right for me, for you and for everyone. Trust the process, trust the wisdom, let the walls come down and learn to respect and appreciate every situation  that will eventually come and go.

Remember that the vibrations you emit are only positive or negative. Choose always the positive way to go through tough situations, hard times and sad days, that will change everything.

And to help you do that, simply smile and laugh, listen to good and happy music, meditate on love, emanate happiness and light to your surroundings, open the windows or just do whatever makes you feel in peace and happy. Remember that you don’t need to be happy to smile, but you need to smile to be happy. Got it?

How do you overcome such personal challenges?

“You are imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. And you are beautiful.” ~Amy Bloom



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