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About me

Hi, I am Marcia Jones ♥

I was born in Rio de Janeiro and had the most fantastic young years full of adventure and love with my family and loving friends. I come from a lineage of very strong women, who have worked with energy and healing for the past century, each one of them in their own time, using the resources they had on their hands. I have always been considered a little witch and I was the go-to friend if you had an issue, an impasse, or needed a healing hug. I always lived my life allowing it to flow through the days while creating an enormous amount of abundance and happiness. I was happy at work, I was happy at home, I had a very happy life.

At the age of 26 I moved to Switzerland because I thought I have met my soulmate. Little did I know I have left my home, my family and friends for a very abusive relationship that lasted 10 years.

No one could understand what I was doing there, I had the resources, emotional intelligence and everything I needed to move on and live my life free of that situation. If I saw myself from the outside world, I too would not understand why was I still there. What I can tell you is, that only when you go through something similar, you realise that there is way more than just “wanting” for you to leave an abusive situation. This gave me a life long lesson about compassion and empathy for everyone and their own stories.

By 2016, at 36 years old, the pain of staying was finally higher than anything else, so I gathered all my strength, and only my clothes and left. I started a new life for the first time alone in Switzerland, which suddenly became all too new for me, as if I had just moved countries all over again. With the new life, my mediumship started to come back in full power, to the point that I couldn’t have a drink outside without stopping someone to deliver a message. That was too much and it took me over a year to finally channel this into a healthy connection.

After studying every energy healing modality that I could find out there, I finally realised the purpose of my mediumship and why I can see so many things. My purpose is to look behind you, your story, your childhood, your past lives, your wound and traumas, but never what is ahead of you. If you are looking for someone to tell you all about your future, this person is not me.

But what I can offer you, is all the information and healing about everything that you need right now, to be able to get closer to everything that you want.

I am a channel of transformation, where using my mediumship I will guide you on a journey so that you can discover the information that only your soul and your entire history can give you, bringing into each session an energetic release necessary so that you can live an abundant life now, today!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me, when you heal, I heal!


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I had an in-person Quantum Healing session with Marcia at her beautiful treatment room in Seefeld. She’s so warm and welcoming. The session was a powerful and unique experience, I felt calmer and lighter, and I have done other types of spiritual and energy work. I could relax throughout on Marcia’s treatment bed with crystals. The session was recorded on my phone and listening back later gave me even more insights. I’m interested in the other therapies and will be back soon! Thank you Marcia! – F C


Everything happens at the right time… This sentence sums up my story with Márcia. I have known her for years, but life took us in other ways and the right moment was yet to come, and today I am sure of it! Last year was emotionally terrible for me, a lot of losses, sadness, disappointment, soon after my body started to fail, and I was diagnosed with depression. I did conventional medicine therapies and felt that this was not my way, that this was not how I was going to heal my internal wounds, undo my blockages and get rid of my limiting beliefs. I grew up almost unaware of the existence of other alternative therapies called unconventional, and I can say that I was skeptical to believe if we are really made of energy, the power of crystals, aligning chakras, the power of words and thoughts, the quantum and all this new information that I have assimilated recently.  Until when I opened my mind and heart to healing, to the unknown world of energy and my higher self, Márcia appeared as a breath of air accompanied by a hug that was so good, energizing, protective, loving and comforting I could live in it. I’ve been doing therapy with her for a few months, and the difference I feel inside me is unmatched. We continue to work on my evolution, on how to control this little ogre that lives inside me, on my self-love, on demystifying limiting beliefs and what is right or wrong. I found a safe haven in Márcia, she is sweet, she is love, she is true, she touches wounds without hurting, she is light and transmits an inexplicable serenity and peace. Márcia was and is a game changer in my life. When I look at it I see and feel that everything will be fine, and it will! I can only thank her immensely for being in my life and for the luck of having her now as a friend.  – Anita 


I had the opportunity to have another beautiful session with Márcia, she in Switzerland and me in Paraguay, of incredible intensity and power! I am immensely grateful to her for this wonderful work. She delivers with so much love and so much light, capable of transforming our lives. Marcia, gratitude! May this light of yours spread throughout the world and that many, many people have the chance to know this unique work of yours.  – D. Gaspar 


Full of good vibes and very loving, Márcia has been a precious help for me to overcome my problems. Highly recommendedMaria 


So far, I had only one Theta Healing session, but a session of immeasurable clarification, knowledge, trust, and affection. I had no idea how limited I was. And the way that our dialogue flowed was as if we had known each other for a lifetime, that for me was amazing because I always had difficulties with communication. Marcia was a gift to me in this turbulent year. Namaste!F. Barbosa 


I had so far 2 consultations with Marcia and they were both wonderful. Marcia has an unique ability to make you feel relaxed and open, as she provides you with an environment of trust and understanding. One of her statements says – the cure starts within – and while at first I didn’t quite get it, after my consultations I can see how true that is. There must be a desire to improve, to connect and to evolve in order to get the most benefits of her consultations. I kept (subconsciously) wanting the miracle work. Someone to tell me all there is wrong and to point me where I should be going. But that is not only impossible but unrealistic. Marcia taught me how to open myself for something bigger that can truly transform you. And since then I have been able to see my path a bit cleared, able to identify habits that no longer serve me well and identify all the possibilities that exists within myself. I simply cannot wait for my next consultation and to continue on this path of self discovery with the help of the beautiful and talented Marcia. Thank you for all you do, I appreciate you! – M. Patterson 

05Listening to Márcia was essential at various times in my life. Her advice and words helped me to deal, both in youth and in maturity, with the events of life in a more peaceful way. She has such a loving way of opening your eyes to the subtleties of the imperceptible signs that surround us. It is amazing how many times she “got it right” in my life. I am fortunate to have known her and privileged to have her in my life. – Luciana 

04A session with Marcia is like a massage in the soul, and even your body will realize the benefits of this connection that it provides. It is like opening a window after days of heavy rain, it brings light to the most remote issues and will help you to follow and decide more clearly which paths to take. I advise frequent doses of conversations with her because it helps you to reframe your moments and puts you in motion for your greater good. Marcia made me see how out of alignment I was with my purpose and my energies, it woke me up after a long winter of hibernation and as a result, I now reconnected, after two days of Our conversation, life opened up for me, the universe he had no choice but to believe me. Marcia, dear, thank you for falling like this in my life and helping me to get up.  – Taciana 

03Marcia and I have known each other for over 15 years and it has always been clear that she had a spiritual power and connection beyond average. She has read my moment and predicted my future by reading tarot cards or with garden stones and no matter the tool, she ALWAYS got it right. Last year I did a soul realigment in September, and since then, really, very transformative events have started to happen in my life. Having a person like her in my life is one of the things that I feel most grateful for and that make me believe that life can be worthwhile and that magic really happens. Gratitude!  – Flora 

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Energy Healing

Sometimes life gets too overwhelmed and all we need is a little help to shift our focus to what it matters. I am looking forward to connecting with you in person at my praxis in Zurich, Seefeld 8008 or via Zoom


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